The Podcast Hosts’ Bio

by Jackie Robinson

My story could have ended in a tragedy. But my mama didn’t raise me like that! Life teaches us valuable lessons, and it’s left up to us to “figure it out!” Sometimes it takes years to learn from our mistakes. That is why I live my life in 10-year increments: 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, and 60 and beyond; taking positive vibes from family and friends into the next ten years. It was the only way I could survive and grow. A housing project kid was not supposed to make it! But I am a living testimony of strict training, self-education, self-love, determination, and ancestral spirits that will not allow me to give up.

Homelessness to Greatness – After losing everything and becoming homeless at the age of 62, I finally landed a dream job as the Communications Director for a private golf and country club using all the marketing and technology skills I had learned since 1988. After careful personal and financial planning and goal setting I retired with full benefits at age 66. Now, I am ready to share my story and help others!

As a recent breast cancer survivor, she is joining forces with Jackie Robinson on Trip of Change to shed light on important topics of our modern day and to encourage everybody to embrace learning at any age. Dana is inspired by her children and their generation, our future leaders, who have taught her so much.

Dana is also a nature lover and you can follow her quest to visit all of the National Park Service Units at and on Twitter at @danabachpdx